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Member – is a person seeking a partner
Sponsor – is a parent/guardian of a member

The Quran 30:21 (Surah ar-Rum) And of His Signs is that He created for you mates from among yourselves that you may find tranquillity in them; and He placed between you affection and mercy.


Muslim Proposals has one simple aim that is to help the Muslim community to connect people looking for marriage by helping them Seek, Dream and Prosper.

Muslim Proposals is a not for profit organisation led by volunteers and only wish to be rewarded through your best wishes and prayers that Allah bless them in this world and the hereafter. 


As an organisation, Muslim Proposals is registered as a community organisation. In addition, its governance structure is as follows:

Muslim Proposals brings to you a secured and safeguarded portal that provides you the security and confidence through your parent/guardian in connecting you with your soulmate. We aim to find the one you seek and give you the space and time you require for you to consult with your family in deciding.



Normally are people and businesses who will help in terms of donations and holding the Trustees to account in making sure the organisation meets its statutory, legal and Islamic obligations. They will help the Trustees in approving Muslim Proposals’ vision, strategic aims and policies. They may be called to arbitrate in case of conflicts and complaints in accordance with agreed procedures.

Muslim Proposal’s its patrons, trustees, ambassadors and volunteers will not be held responsible whatsoever in any of the processes resulting in conflicts between any combinations between parents/guardian and potential bride/groom.

Muslim Proposal’s strongly advises all its parents/guardian and potential Brides/Grooms to carry out their own due diligence prior to progressing their journey using muslim proposals.



The senior leadership of Muslim Proposals, carrying the legal and other statutory responsibilities. They create the policies and working codes of practice for Muslim Proposals and vote to effect change. They offer support and advice to the Ambassadors and in effect run the organisation. Muslim Proposals welcome new trustees however are confined to the articles of association to have more than three and no more than nine Trustees (always odd in number).



Will engage with Parents/Guardian and Potential Bride/Groom on a regular basis and are the main point of contact to progress Potential Bride/Groom towards a proposal. They will deploy the processes and procedures of the organisation.



Normally a parent or guardian helping the person who seeks their life partner in matrimony. Parents/Guardian will be kept informed of the progress being made to ensure they have some oversight and have confidence in terms of safeguarding. During specific stages, parents/guardian have to approve the request made by their potential bride/groom or by other potential bride/groom affecting their potential bride/groom. This is on grounds that we want to ensure the journey in seeking proposals is confined to the Islamic principles that we all share and value.



The ones seeking their life partner in matrimony and will have the confidence that Muslim Proposals’ Trustees and Ambassadors are all DBS compliant and will safeguard all aspects including specific requests and data of all Muslim Proposals parents/guardian and potential bride/groom.

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